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Try to specify what you are looking for in a way that your search can be as exact as possible because the search engine is limited to 150 results.

If you input an item's exact reference in your search, you'll be redirected to the item's page with all it's details.

The search engine is very effective and will search all the words you input.

Example: If an item's description is Marklin HO 188.3 mm Straight C Track, you can input in the search field "Marklin HO C Track". The required item will be presented as a result of your search. If you input the reference "M24188" you will be redirected to the item's page.

In the ADVANCED SEARCH you can filter your search so it follows specific parameters and restrictions. For example, you can search for items that are inside a certain range of prices or that belong to a certain category. All the options can be used at the same time or individually. You just have to check the corresponding box.

Last update:  July 12th 2016
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